• You can read some books for free and preview some books at Also you can get a local library id an read some books online if the library has a web site. As far as I know the New York public library and Denver public library provide such type of access.
  • Try this site.
  • If there is, there shouldn't be. Grr. It's as bad as downloading music. What's the point in reading the book if you can't smell the pages or curl into the couch cushions with it? What's the point in listening to the music if you can't look at the album art and read the lyrics?
  • Classical texts: Sacred / spiritual texts: Books of the American Mathematical Society: Children's books: 50826 mostly FREE Books-On-Line
  • Wowio has lots of free e-books.
  • Project Gutenberg has plenty of Books that have either been released under a creative commons license or Have passed into the public domain - also, Cory Doctorow publishes all his books under a creative commons license, as do many other authors nowdays.

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