• I personally cannot stand HS musical, but that's just me. If you like it you like it, why do you think you're sad?
  • Defo being sad
  • It's you being sad. lol. I hated High School Musical, and I'm so sick of all the kids stuff with High School Musical plastered all over it. It's like, dear lord. It was not that great. It was really cheesy, in my opinion, and I personally don't think Vanessa Hudgens is that great of an actress, not to mention singer. I also was not impressed with Zac Efron's performance. Plus I didn't even think this movie is remotely similar to what high school is actually like. Seemed like a bunch of Barney kids that are now in high school. I thought it was a bit funny at times, usually not parts that the film creaters were originally intending to have make people laugh. My 5-year-old niece LOVED this movie, which says a lot. I am a tad disgusted that they made a High School Musical 2. I know Disney has been around forever and that cheesy movies have been made by Disney forever, but still, why is this movie so popular? It was completely cheesy, not showing what high school is really like. This is just the kind of thing contributing to kids not being prepared for real life. They think the world is just a sing-songy magical place where, if they wish hard enough, their dreams will come true. This is just really disgusting to me. And don't even get me started on Hannah Montana......=/
  • I am 19 and I watched the movies about this time last year. I enjoyed them. It bought back childhood memories. I don't think it's sad because if it is then alas I also am sad.
  • I have two friends that absolutely love High School Musical, so you're not alone.
  • It's you
  • ive never seen it

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