• me i have no emotions so sensitive wont do nothing for me. it doesnt bother me when my wife ignores me. i could care less. more time with out her bitching and nagging. just being honest
  • If you are in a relationship, ignoring someone isn't good at all. The other person has every right to be upset since a relationship must have communication to survive. I think most of us men like sensitive women but are annoyed with extremely sensitive women.
  • I am also very sensitive. If i get upset I wanna go upstairs cause I don't want him to see me cry it might make it look like I am ignoring him. But i am just trying to get away so that I don't have a break down in front of him and look like a complete crazy woman. With in 15 min I come down and we have a talk and it is better. Ignoring the problem isn't the best. It is best to talk it out. However men don't really like to talk. So try your best. Without nagging or complaining. They probably like to be ignored so they don't have to deal with the problem.
  • ok...i have nipped that situation in the bud too many times..if your bf tells you that it usually means that you are putting too much thought into a situation. Women, you seem to think about things too much in a relationship that to a man...really doesnt matter.. so relax and do not put so much pressure on your self...and do not wear your feelings on your "shoulders" wear your feelings together with your significant other.
  • I tell you what, I had a boyfriend, i wasnt really happy in the relationship but i though everything will get better...but the atmosphere made me over sensitive and i cried a lot even becouse little things...he told me im too sensitive and melodramatic. One day, when i had enough of him, i left. Now i have a boyfriend who understand me and i understand him. He likes being me sensitive, actually thats one of the things he loves about me
  • I agree with the aboved named person. You have a to be senseitive and if it bothers him so much then why does he stay with u? Not bein rude but tell him to find some hard ass chick who wont give a damn about him and treat him like he does u. BUT over sense itive people need to turn it down just a bit good luck
  • There is a full range of different men, some hate sensitive, and some are very tolerant. If you are with a man who is not matched to your sensitivity, you will always have problems with it. If he doesn't like you the way you are, maybe it's time for you to find someone who does.
  • youre already getting the answer from your boyfriend that youre too sensitive

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