• yes, I wondered about that as well. Then when I read the book the DaVinci code they explained the ritual with the masks was done wrong. Even after the explaination I still thought the movie was the biggest waste of time and that is time that I would never get back.
  • All that the movie wanted to say was that never fool around behind your wife's back or you'll be in a big trouble!
  • The movie is all about a secret society hideout in California, Bohemian Grove. My 2 cents.
  • It was hyped because of Cruse & Kidman. The movie is a bore, but at least I got to see Nichole Kidman's tits.
  • I may not have understood it but I liked it a lot.
  • I was very into the lighting and surrealism of the film. Kubrick had a way with manipulating the lighting, the camera angles etc. to create a surreal world within the film. He also has a thing about elevators. After having seen The Shining several times, Eyes Wide Shut, and of course, 2001 A Space Odyssey, I must put in my 2 cents vote for Kubrick as one of the great directors of all time in that he accomplished what he intended to whether or not the viewer understands the story line etc. BTW, secret mask societies are around, but are indeed secret.

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