• Yes I Do, and I love them by the way I'm 47 years old and going to get them pierced next week. I love to wear nipples clamps, it makes me feel very erotic................
  • what is the largest areoA SEEN
  • any good pics on the internet. I LOVE seeing large aerolas. Turns me on. I would like pics of this. Ladies want to make a lady very happy ? Rose
  • My own nipples are puffy and about the size of silver dollars. They look even bigger when I'm aroused. I used to be unhappy about this and girls in gym class made jokes about them. But, as I grew up and became sexually active, I found that they were a real turn on for men. I love my nipples ;) They are very sensitive.
  • Sure there are, if you like hunting you could go to redtube or pornotube for low end free stuff or you could log onto a number of paysites that deal with this sort of thing. But then we have people such as me who have a large collection of nipple fetish materials. The choice is yours.
  • I can help you with that. Go to Tribe and type in nipple fetish. I think you will find some very good pics there.
  • yes, there are.

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