• uuuhh ! I dont enjoy spanking my man. Unless he was gay. So obiously he doesnt enjoy it either
  • Some women do enjoy spanking men. God bless'em.
  • Spanking no... Choking lightly yes!
  • I love spanking my man. When I see his ass turn beet red and hearing him moaning I love it!
  • I love to spank slowly starting with my hand. Then after building up the tempo I then turn to my hair brush till his ass is red.
  • Remembering of my various ladyteachers I would clearly say that they deeply enjoyed to spank until they coud see the tears of a boy. Seeing a cyring boy was obviously a pleasure to them and they loved to tease and mock about the tears. Today I would say that they got soaked wet between their legs when they spanked.
  • I think there are indeed women and girls who love to spank or who love to watch a spanking of a male. It is rather well known from history that women often got very horny feelings by watching public whippings. So I think up today there are enough girls and wome who get really horny if they can give a spanking to a male. I think it is not at all a call-girl speciality. Reading the old stories of ancient Rome it was very well known that Roman slave-mistresses were deeply feared by their male slaves in regard of their frequent punishments they gave for any kind of idleness to their slaves. The slaves usually feared the mistresses and ladies much more than their masters because they ladies were usually very cruel with their whips. So, I think the ladies of that time enjoyed to use the whip.
  • My wife enjoys spanking me because I gave her the green light to use it to release stress and frustration as well foreplay. Since it drives me wild for her to spank my ass and she enjoys seeing my red cheeks afterwards we came to an agreement that she can spank out of frustration of something I did or didn't do. She can spank because her day went bad and it has nothing to do with me, but she just would like to release what is built up. Sexual speaking.... She knows the harder and faster she spanks the harder and more wild the sex is. She sets the mood. Slow and gentle swats means "make love."
  • I do, but only for fun, not sexually

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