• You get 20 qualifying searches per site a day. You can win more than one time a day. I've won up to 7 swag bucks in a day before. I'm up to 185, I found that if I use the search a couple times and don't win, I use another search engine (google) for a couple hours than go back to my search for swag buck engine. I seem to win more this way. Hope this helps.
  • Yes, you can search with many other search engines and SwagBucks lists many others on their homepage; ones that will also award you with 'bucks' of their own. Each of the different engines use different 'bucks' and you purchase items on the different boards. You cannot mix them, they're all exclusive to each engine used. If you'd like to start earning SwagBucks use this link and earn 3 just for signing up!
  • You won't earn any more using multiple accounts and it would be a real headache having to log in and out all of the time. I found a better site than swagbucks called anywherehomepage which does pretty much the same as far as a search engine page, but awards more points than SB and no limits set like SB for referal points. That means when you get somebody else to register you get points forever everytime they get points (not a maximum 100 SwagBucks per person - That sucks). I got 36 people so far to register and am getting loads of referal points all of the time. You can exchange your points for prizes and I personally know you get a lot more than swagbucks. The best way is to register and try it out for yourself. Remember to get your friends signed up and your parents and grandparents, next door neighbours and anyone else you can think of and rack up them points really quick and cash out big.
  • this site I found has so much useful information about swagbucks it answers most of my questions and it has helped me again much more swag bucks per day.

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