• Call up your local priest for a regular exorcism routine on your house
  • If there's something strange in the neighbourhood... who you gonna callllllllll?
  • Put up crosses on the walls in every room of your house.
  • How do you know you have a presence in your house? Do you get a friendly vibe? I would mix salt with water (all the while thinking of it being purifying) and scatter it around your house while saying a blessing...simply put
  • Call a paranormal investigating team that do not charge for their services. they will check your place out and explain how you can rid yourself of your unwelcome guest.
    • mugwort
      I think you are right. If unable to find a service that doesn't charge at least try to find one that charges only if they truly find someone supernatural. I would trust one that looks into the most rational, natural possibilities first.
  • There's no firm evidence that ghosts exist, so you can't have any in your house.
  • i would just move and then you wont have to have them around
  • Do you know for certain there are ghosts. I think a reliable ghost hunter would look for rational, physical reasons for your "ghostly encounters" before presuming there are ghosts. Did you check out mundane, earthly reasons for the happenings before assuming their were ghosts? IMO check out earthly reasons before presuming there are otherworldly reasons for your encounters. Good luck to you.
  • There are no real ghost except the Holy Ghost. If you think you really have some one doing something if you pray; pray against the demonic presence in the name of Jesus.

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