• (I believe) Things are defined mostly, and firstly, by all the things "next" to them. It helps to answer "who defines?" ... which is mostly humans ( which makes sense, since we are the users of the definition). Definitions arise from experience, which is often in a 'context' or environment that contains (ie '') other already-defined things. So it is natural that definitions draw from known surrounding things. Here, the term 'next' and 'environment' should be considered in the widest possible way, and include peoples consciousness. Playing a word-association game might help reveal the answer to this question.
  • What is this, you're studying the whichness of what?
  • To describe or define something - synonyms or related words Using the thesaurus describe verb to give details about what someone or something is like define verb to describe clearly and exactly what something is illustrate verb to show what something is like, or to show that something is true set out to explain, describe, or arrange something in a clear and detailed way, especially in writing pin down to understand or describe something exactly set forth formal to explain or describe something in a clear and detailed way, especially in writing delineate verb formal to describe something very exactly exemplify verb to show something using an example profile verb to give a description of a person, place, or organization in an article, or a television or radio program paint verb to describe someone or something in a particular way

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