• Same thing is happening to me. My bf died by suicide a year ago and lately I've started having very vivid dreams about him. I like to believe he's checking in on me the only way he can. I think that it's hard for a lot of people to believe it until you feel it. I don't have any doubt anymore. I've had lights turn on and off by themselves and things like that and it's always at times I'm thinking of him... really makes me wonder. P.S. I'm very sorry for your loss...I'm told that time makes it easier...I haven't found relief yet but I'm hopeful that it's coming.
  • thank you! im sorry for yours 2! :( if only we could bring them back! life seems so empty without him, n when i do dream abou him it seems so real! i think about him everyday, so if it was the thought of him that created the dream you'd think i'd be dreaming about him every day!
  • I am sorry to hear about your loss. I believe in spirits. I would not be surprised if you got a visit from him.
  • its probably just a dream, youre probably dreaming about him cause you miss him
  • Just a dream of the way you'd like things to have been. Our dreams are not crystal balls.

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