• i am having the same problem with the same model, the analog chanels display inblack and white and the digital channels in color... how weird when i turn on in themorning is in color and it quickly turns black and white... if you get an answer please let me know thanks
  • After a bit of research on the Net, it seems to be a very common problem with these particular models. My TV is also doing the same thing with no color picture. I'm curious to know if there's a possibility to justify a class-action lawsuit against Philips/Magnavox for an excessive amount of these same models being defective with the exact same problems??? Any Attorneys out there that can advise? When I had my set analyzed, I was told that it was the color tuner part that went bad. The part was over $450 and the cost of the repair labor was over $300! So, for about $700-750 I could get it repaired. As most of you know, you can buy a brand new comparable sized and similar features TV, of many different brands, for LESS than the cost to repair it. I'm considering finding a nice print picture of some sorts to place over the screen and us the border of the set as a VERY EXPENSIVE Frame! Sucks to be us, huh?

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