• It's $5/hour, but I love that job. So, it's okay for me :)
  • Yes. My first real job paid $8/hr (US). My first paying chore was the neighbour paying me a penny a weed to weed his garden.
  • A quarter. I was a professional singer. My sister bribed me with a quarter to sing I'm a little teapot for her friend. Actually it could have been a nickel. I just remember it was a big coin. I wasn't in school yet so I can't swear it was a quarter. lol
  • $2.25/hr. I was 11 and worked in grocery store bagging groceries. That was before the days when there was a restriction on how many hours kids were allowed to work; now we have to coddle them and restrict their hours cause they might miss important social media posts. And I worked on a construction crew on the weekends. That was $5/hr.
  • My first real job not counting my paper route was $93 per month when I was in the Navy.
  • $3.10 an hour
  • $2.05 cents an hour.

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