• Nope. Tapeworm only comes out one end, and it ain't the mouth. Tapeworm will not "crawl out", either. There are urban legends about getting tapeworms to "crawl out" by tempting them with steak or other goodies, but tapeworms have very limited perception (think about where they live!) and no digestive capability of their own, so they are not interested in being anywhere except attached to the nice, warm, nutritious inside of something else. Once they attach their head to the side of your intestine, it will not release while it is alive, and may not release even after that. Unfortunately, there is only one way to get rid of tapeworms. You will be fed or injected with vermicidal poison to kill the worm, and then you get fed some very (unfortunately) powerful laxatives to get rid of everything -- and I do mean everything -- in your intestine. If this is done under medical supervision, as it usually is in the modern Western world, then everything your body rids itself of will be kept, and some lucky lab worker gets to sieve through every bucket of sh** to make sure that the tapeworm's head _did_ come out. ("And how did *your* day go, dear?") Traditional cultures also use plants which are vermicides and irritant laxatives to rid the intestines of parasites. It's the only tried-and-true way to do it.
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      OMG hahahaha I had no idea.

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