• Love because while it could bring so much joy, it could also bring so much hurt
  • 1) For instance: fast. "An auto-antonym (or, more properly, autantonym), or contronym (sometimes misspelled contranym) is a word with a homonym that is also an antonym. Variant names include antagonym, Janus word, and self-antonym. It is a word with multiple meanings, one of which is defined as the reverse of one of its other meanings. For example, the word "fast" can mean "moving quickly" as in "running fast," or it can mean "not moving" as in "stuck fast." To buckle can mean "to fasten" or "to bend then break." To weather can mean "to endure" or "to erode." Weedy can mean overgrown (the garden is weedy) or stunted (he is weedy). This phenomenon is also called "enantionymy" or "antilogy."" Source and further information: 2) Further information: 3) "Intimate is almost its own antonym" 4) ""Literally" is its own antonym! How can this be?" "If you tend to use the word ‘literally’ then one would imagine that you know what it means and how it is properly to be used. You’re probably wrong though. Somehow the word has ‘evolved’ to mean the opposite of what it once meant. Language is dying. When does what was once a word stop being a word? Perhaps a word is no longer a word once it becomes its own antonym" 5) ""Cleave" is on of few english words that's its own antonym. Yeah, also "enjoin" and "sanction." I also think "general" can be its own antonym, in the following sense. When a layperson says that something is generally true, he means to indicate that there are exceptions. When a mathematician (or whatever) says that something is generally true, he means to indicate that there are no exceptions. "Resign" is pretty close. You can resign from a position, and you can also re-sign a contract for that position." Source: 6) "Fun with Words at has a long list of contronyms, some hightlights of which are anabasis - military advance, military retreat aught - anything, nothing bolt - secure, run away buckle - fasten, fall apart consult - ask for advice, give advice copemate - partner, antagonist custom - usual, special dust - add fine particles, remove fine particles enjoin - prescribe, prohibit fast - quick, unmoving garnish - enhance (e.g., food), curtail (e.g., wages) handicap - advantage, disadvantage left - remaining, departed from mean - average, excellent (e.g., "plays a mean game") out - visible (e.g., stars), invisible (e.g., lights) put out - extinguish, generate (e.g., something putting out light) quiddity - essence, trifling point screen - show, hide transparent - invisible, obvious weather - withstand, wear away" Source:
  • Citation - a note accompanying an award and (in the USA) a written record of an infraction : praise and penalty.
  • Dear Mr Glenn Blaylock: . I normally don't answer this sort of question but in the hopes you will go back and spend some more time answering science / space questions I will throw one in there. . Aloha

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