• My eyes, i have a laz eye, and as i got the piss ripped out of me for wearing NHS glasses, i never wore them, also i had to wear a patch on the good eye, but yes still a little paranoid about it now, as when i get drunk or am tired it shows.
  • I had long hair for a boy in those days. Society has changed since then, so it doesnt really bother me now. In fact, I no longer have long hair, so it's not bothering me at all!
  • freckles. I had a million of them. kids used to call me freckle faced freak. But they've faded....mostly naturally, but with some help from skin care products. Now, people barely notice them.
  • I was teased from kindergarden to my last year in junior high for the size of my head and for being the fat kid. At high school it was just for the size of my head. The fat was non-exsistent @ that point.
  • Here's the list: 1. My last name, which was the name of a body part. 2. My weight. 3. Bucked teeth, until I got braces. Then, the braces. 4. Being poor, and wearing clothes that made the fact obvious. 5. Being intellectual but not athletic. 6. Being from a very strict family, and having to follow rules other kids my age didn't. 7. Developing early; wearing a 36 C by the time I was 10 years old. 8. In a backlash against high IQ, I was ridiculed and called stupid every time I made a mistake or didn't know something. I don't have the last name, the bucked teeth, or the braces any more. Besides, my teeth were so bad and I was so glad for the braces that I wasn't really bothered by being called tin girn or metal mouth. Also, I never got called four eyes for having glasses; somehow I escaped that one. I am no longer sensitive about not being athletic, since I was disabled in a car accident and am no longer *expected* to be athletic. Body development is no longer an issue, since everyone my age is now caught up. I no longer live with my parents and can make my own household rules. But I do fear being made to look foolish for mistakes, and I do have a "thing" about dressing too white trash-y. And yes, I'm very sensitive about my weight.
  • When I first moved to NY from Italy, I was teased for being skinny: "Skinny-Guinea" "Skinny-Guinea with the Meatball eyes" "Spaghetti Arms" That all stopped when I started getting a shape. My real life nickname does come from "Spaghetti Arms" though. I've been called this nickname since I was 13 and moved to Boston. I haven't been self-conscious about my body for so many years because I really filled out (Thank you, God!). I adore my figure. My arms are still skinny though. I don't really get teased for my name, (Glinda) but I am still asked by people who meet me if I am a "good witch or a bad witch".
  • yes and yes
  • GOD YES... I was teased over my teeth... my gums show when I smile and I still really, really am self conscious about it. Even though I'm in a happy relationship and have a successful life... So it's just silly.
  • I was tease. People would call me 4-eyes and I would always say "at lease I can see" It would make them really mad because it didn't bother me. LOL!
  • I was constantly teased about my buck teeth and the size of my forehead. I have grown into both traits and I am now happy with how i look no matter what people say.
  • yes 1. I was a cop's kid 2. I developed real early 3. short but being the smart-mouth that I am, it never really bothered me, being a cop's kid kept me out of trouble, I was a tomboy and the TA-TA's were a pain as far as I was concerned, never even liked a boy till high school. To busy playing sports Being short had its advantages, and still does and I'm still one who voice's her own mind, the one who takes charge.
  • I was teased about my nose until I was eleven, then my breast grew and I was teased about them. I tell the best nose jokes now. I don't bother with breast jokes.
  • Yes, a bit. The insult that I seem to get the most is something about me being ugly. I think that they are/were just jealous though. I guess people were generally to afraid to tease me because of my size and demeanor.
  • Wearing eyeglasses, bad haircuts and being overweight. Self-conscious only on the weight problem now.
  • When I was 6 to 11 I was teased for bieng too thin. 11 and up I was teased for bieng too fat. I have been teased: ~for bieng teachers' pet. ~for bieng "anti-social". ~for bieng weird and generally awkward.(I have not really found anywhere I fit in, even now.) ~for bieng ugly. ~for bieng smart. ~for ignoring boys in High School. ~for helping and socializing with the special education children. ~for never having friends or going out. I have been teased by certain family members about my singing... but I have had people beg me to sing. According to this same family member, I am not pretty, but that can't be helped because all redheads are naturally "homely". Am I still self-concious? The caged bird has been silenced. I don't sing anymore. I still think I am ugly. I am still anti-social. I still get along with older people(35-49) or children better than I do with people of my own age(24). I am still awkward and strange. I am so self-concious that I apologize 1000 times for doing one thing or saying one thing I 'think' might have been wrong. I am still looking for the one place I fit in. (I finally have friends. (Online.) It is the closest I have come to bieng accepted.)
  • My past is my past. I have enough problems to worry about, without dwelling on what happened many years a go. As for how much and for what I was tease: very much.
  • Being fat (because I was) and yes, I am. At one point I was 5'5" and weighed 111 lbs...and still felt insecure about my body.
  • For having big feet. Actually, it was just one kid in the fifth grade who teased me, but he did it very loudly and very often. Now that I'm an adult, I'm just under 5'3" and wear a size 9 (US, womens) shoe. When I'm shopping at Payless or something, all the other women in the size 9 section are MUCH taller than me! So yes, I'm very self-conscious about it. (But at least I don't have big bumps all over my feet or scrunched up toes like most women, because I've always refused to wear shoes that don't fit, or that squeeze my toes into a point.)
  • ginger, me, nieve and i can say i am a bit, sometimes. but im sure everyone has there own thing.
  • having strict parents. you can tease me anyday for having a mother and a father who are together and didnt want their daughter to be a whore like her friends turned out to be

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