• Yes (neuropathy in feet, surgical removal of toes causing loss of balance, and knee surgery resulting in knee only bending 90 degrees.) I get sores if I walk too much, and doctor's orders are to limit walking, so use a scooter outside of home, and wheelchair inside. And yes. I use handicapped spots, and it pisses me off greatly (even before I became so) when people who are/were NOT handicapped used the spots. Also pisses me off when stores' aisles are too narrow, and people ignore (completely - blocking me, separating me from my wife, etc.) that I am there. I don't want pity or questions... Just courtesy, as do most handicapped, I'm sure. For example of my "being invisible" see -
  • I'm not handicap but I never park in a handicap space because i think not only is it against the law it is rude and heartless.
  • Yes... I sometimes do, not all the time. If I see there are other spots that are convenient I use those instead.
  • I am and I park in the spaces only when I am in a lot of pain. Otherwise I don't mind parking in a regular spot in case someone else needs the handicapped space more than I do.
  • i've been disabled for 42 years now , and it gets worst with time , but yes i use the spots , but only if i can't get close enough to the door . about 50 percent of people - will borrow the placard from someone and use the spots - because they don't care about the handicapped ! , it very common where i live . mark
  • Yes. I cannot drive, myself, but if I'm out with my mother, for example shopping, my mother parks her car in the handicapped spaces. We're entitled to use them, as long as *I* am in the car. :-)
  • Not possible too many able bodies using grandma's card parking there.
  • I am not, but my mother is. No we never do. I don't mind helping her go a little further. I useually enjoy being out with her.
  • my husband is handicapped. he has been in a wheelchair his whole life, and he refuses to get a handicapped placard for his car. he won't park in the spaces because, according to him, he is a young man who can push his own wheelchair a little farther than others may be able to.
  • I am handicapped with a right-sided weakness. I walk with a limp, and I cannot use my right hand. But I never use a handicapped parking spot. My belief is that if I can get to the building without pain, there is no need to use the spot up front. I feel that it should be used by people who are more handicapped than me. My mother, on the other hand, is a different story. She has MS, and is forced to use a motorized wheelchair. She parks in the handicapped parking spot all the time. Despite the fact that she doesn't have to walk, and usually rolls faster than her family, she still parks in the handicapped spot.
  • Yes (aneurysm clotted leading to an infarction... surgery to remove the narcotic tissues mobility of leg severely compromised) but whets fun is... i drive an motorbike, can you imagine, pulling up to a full car park with a motorbike with a disabled sticker standing right in front of you... god, it's fun to be me.
  • Can you please say if you have a disability rather then handicapped not an acceptable term. I have a mild disability which effects balance so sometimes on the bus I ask for the reserved seat but I dnon't think I am eligable for disability parking premit.
  • yes, unfortunatly there r too many people that claim they r handicap n take advantage of the parking. I use a van and need room for the ramp. In most cases the parking lot are full, and i doble park.
  • I am eligible, but as yet have not gone through with the SSI and parking sticker.
  • Since I am not wheelchair bound, I use a regular spot. They need the extra space for the chair and I'm not going to make their life any more difficult by taking the space they NEED.
  • i'm deaf. so the parking spaces arent exactly provided for me. but if i did get the chance, no i wouldnt. i bet there are other ppl who would need it more than i do.
  • Yes I am. I wear leg braces and use crutches. I have a handicapped card but I use it only when I have days where I know I am wore out more than usual. Most however I like showing people just how much I can do when they dont have a disability and chose the spot closest to the door. I also don't use the motorized carts that stores have for the same reason. I feel that God has given me the power to move right now and someday I won't be able to get around like this so I make the most of it.
  • I have one leg. I have a placard, but I only use it when I feel like I need it. I use it at the grocery store because I really need to be close to the exit, and I use it when it is snowy or icy and hard to walk. I take pictures of cars parked without a placard with my cell phone, leave them a printed note that I carry, and send the pics to the police as part of a local program.
  • Yes and Yes.
  • I am disabled with breathing problems and difficulty walking. I do use the spaces if I am having a bad health day/in a lot of pain. If I am having a good day, I won't use them as long as I can still park relatively close because there are people in wheelchairs and others who need them worse than I do and in some places they are very limited
  • Yes I am. And excuse my language but F^&* NO! I may only have one good leg, and my knee doesn't bend, I have 1/2 of one lung left, and I swear, I'll walk from home to the store before I take a handicapped parking space. The cane and Oxygen bottle are bad enough, without adding insult to injury with those damned parking spaces.
  • Yes most definitely when some not handicapped person leaves it free to us.
  • Yes and yes. I have one of those blue and white handicapped placards issued by my state. I am grateful, indeed, for handicapped parking places near the entrances of buildings and stores.
  • Yes,and have been most of my life.And I try to use the blue bays when I can as I have a mobility problem.
  • Personally I could get a handicap plate and use these parking spaces but I feel I am not that disabled to tie up one of these places. I have problems sure enough but the way I see it is if I am able to get out a few more feet is not going to make that much difference to me. I personally park as far away from the business as I can to give myself a nice stroll to the front door. It helps loosen me up before going inside and gives me a chance to meet someone new while on my way. Life to me seems rushed. I feel we all should slow down and enjoy every moment in life we can.
  • Yes, I am dissabled and use the parking spaces when I can as I can not walk very far. When my legs get tired they give out and I can fall easily. I use a cane or walker. The closer I am the better.
  • yes i am handicapped and no i do not use the parking spaces. i have epilepsy . which by law say that i can park in a handicapp spot

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