• No, that is one of the great scientific mysteries.
  • Depending on what your refering to -- the stickiness comes from a thick like substance that is meant to bond certain like items to each other.. Hope this helps..
  • "Research continues to this day on exactly what happens when two objects stick together. There's no universally accepted theory, and given the variety of adhesives more than one process may be at work. It's generally agreed that adhesion occurs at the molecular level, the chief processes involved being Van der Waals forces, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, and metallic bonding. The last three types of bonding are the result of chemical reactions that don't have much to do with glue, so we'll confine our discussion to Van der Waals forces, with a little excursion into mechanical bonding thrown in." Ref.- Here's an article on spider silk that implicates both van der Waals forces between molecules and hygroscopic (capillary) adhesion at the microscopic level:
  • I was going to say that it was something in the way that certain molecules adhere to each other. I learnt a lot from the other answers.

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