• I just don't know. I just don't know.
  • Because we know we don't listen enough, need things repeated frequently and assume everyone else is the same:)
  • we do this often and slowly so females can understand !
  • Obviously, because what we have to say is SO important - that we want the repetition to sink the message in. :) Or maybe it's because we don't have much to say, so when we come up with something good, we keep saying it over and over. You pick.
  • Something's wrong with your for the the wo...
  • So they could actually understand what they're talking about. Sometimes it takes three or four times for them to get it.
  • 1) They don't: "it is wrong to say that the point of human striving is to spread our genes. With the exception of the fertility doctor who artificially inseminated patients with his own semen, the donors to the sperm bank for Nobel Prize winners, and other kooks, *no* human being (or animal) strives to spread his or her genes." Source and further information: (a very interesting article, I must say!) 2) They don't: How did you come to this conclusion? Probably no more than women! Some people come also with other conclusions, such as: "Do Women Talk More Than Men? Women – Over the years, many have cited an old statistic that apparently has no actual study or basis for the figure. The articles have asserted that women use an average of 20,000 words per day compared with 7,000 for men." "I think it is because women don't have anything important to say and they constantly repeat themselves (like anyone listens)that it gives the illusion that they talk two to three times as much as men." Source: Sometimes these conclusions are somewhat scientifically proved, sometimes they are just prejudices. 3) They don't: One could find a lot more arguments to prove this point. 4) They don't: Even if sometimes they want to have the last word. 5) They don't: After a time, they stop it.
  • Actually, my favorite is when a man repeats what I've just said as though it was his original thought. And, just when I thought he wasn't listening. . . sort of.
  • Because we're too stupid to get it right the first time!
  • I thought that was only my mom.
  • Because nobody listens. And the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  • It is a passive/aggressive dominance trick to display to you who is the boss. It is a back handed attempt to denigrate your comments, to put you into a subordinate position, and to humiliate just a bit. Typically, I either respond "What did you hear?" or "I was just thinking out loud." I do NOT repeat my entire comment. If they respond showing they HAVE heard what I was saying, I will make a second attempt.
  • Because you keep asking the same question..........Will he ever understand us? Does he really know what love is........ETC!!
  • Because they want to convince us something that we probably don't care too much about. When it comes to making a person understand, it usually has to be the woman trying to make the man understand. Men--at least the regular ones--are easy to understand, just not so easy to deal with. Then again, it's easier for a woman to deal with not being understood (unless she's the conceited, attention-seeking type). Men are so sensitive about certain things.
  • To show their arrogance and what they had done proudly in their days. This may be what they wish for their close ones to admire them, appreciate their accomplishments.
  • They like the sound of their own voices or the fact they think they are always right! lol
  • because we didn't listen the first time they said it
  • Because woman like to play with men and ignore them the first couple of times they say anything..LOL Selective hearing I suspect..
  • Because we like to Fabulous. Because we like to.
  • Because you don't ****ing listen.
  • Not sure they are being heard. a kind of insecurity. It has shown up in me now and then. Its like wanting some kind of acknowledgement or at least hoping that puzzled or unconvinced face changes to "oh I get it"!

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