• Yes, but the problem isn't that they don't have the privacy, the problem is that the public is so obsessed with invading it. If people would just chill out and think about how lame they are, there would be no demand for celeb gossip and they'd have their privacy.
  • No. They gave that up in exchange for everything else their hearts desire. AND..they KNEW that before they signed all those big money contracts.
  • no thats what they get paid for
  • no thats what they get paid for
  • Yes, I think they do. They should never be bothered picking their kids up at school, eating out (until they leave the restaraunt, maybe), enjoying an outing with their families, etc., just common-sense type of stuff. I agree with Avallach. Lots of people look pretty sad chasing these people around. That being said, they should expect most of the attention, and should be civil to most fans, as long as the fan is respectful of the celebrity.
  • No, privacy is something reserved for human beings like myself.
  • Yes, they definitely deserve their privacy. The people who claim that they don't deserve privacy are just the usual haters who don't like them just because they make the big bucks. It's like if I worked at Lowe's or something and people called and came over to buy stuff or ask me advice on my time off. Celebrities have a time and place for entertaining, and they deserve the same peace and respect that you or I would receive on our time off.
  • In my opinion celebrities do deserve some privacy. They do what they do to entertain people and those people who are so obsessed with celebrity gossip and what not should realize they are people too and want some time to themselves.
  • yep. I can't understand why so many people are fascinated by their lives anyways. What's so great about photographs of them going shopping or trying to eat lunch in peace? Leave the poor people alone!
  • No! When you make the money that they make, it comes with the territory. I would do it for just a couple of years and make a few million then just vanished.

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