• It made me a little more respectful.
  • it made me a better adult and it made me more respectful
  • It depends on the method in my opinion. My dad, I believe had the best method for spanking. Rule #1 you always had to wait 30 minutes before you got spanked. You had to sit on the couch and think about it. This gave him time to cool down so he never spanked out of anger. Rule #2 you always got the same amount of spankings, unless you covered up which a +1 was added, lol. And the number he used was 3. Rule #3 you bent over the bed, pulled down your pants, and with his old school barber's thick razor belt, you got spanked. Rule #4 he always made you sit by him afterwards while he explained why you were spanked and how to be so you wouldn't be spanked again. Rule #5 he always ended with a hug, kiss, and an I love you.
  • I wasn't spanked. And I'll be an adult next year. I don't think I'll be any worse of an adult than people who were spanked.
  • No, I was spanked but I never spanked my daughter except for 1 time when she ran in the street & I think she'll be a better adult than I'll ever be
  • I don't know about spanking a child, but I always feel pretty good after a good whack on the bottom.
  • It will make them more aware of consequences of bad actions. In my opinion, ultimately a better adult, as long as it is punishment and not abuse.
  • it sure made me listen to my parents, and sure made me respect my elders. I believe in spanking. There is a difference between spanking and beating a child. It should never be confused. I am a better person because of it.
  • I don't know about spanking, a pat on the butt if they doing something wrong maybe but not as a continous practice. Telling them no and giving them timeouts seem to be the best options nowadays.
  • Well, I was beat as a child not spanked on the @ss like normal people do or did.I think I am better as an adult to be stronger and tougher and better at defending myself when the time comes, I am more determined to be a better person than how my parents treated me and abused me and I have no respect for them for putting me thru hell, but I can say I am way better of an adult and person than they are and were they are to this very day are still the same people they were years ago, not willing to change there ways.I belive in self improvement for the better and adapt to my surroundings when I move.Changeing for the better is growing and if others are not willing to change themselves what can you do, you can not change a person they have to change them selves in any and every aspect.
  • i believe very firmly that a child needs physical punishment at times. this does not mean a beating. a spanking is one thing a beating another. we live in a society that is raising kids without discipline, and the results are very scary. children need to see and understand that the parents are in charge. a child needs boundaries to thrive. many bought dr. spock's theory that if you spanked a child you would hinder its intellectual growth. what most don't know is that years later he rescinded his comments and apologized, acknowledging that children do need firm discipline for them to grow up to be healthy and stable individuals.
  • It depends on the intent of the spank. If the spank was out of anger, then no, it will only teach them to lash out when they are angry. But I was spanked as a child (bare bottom) and I have grown up to respect my elders and be polite.
  • I and all my sisters were spanked as children and we feel that as adults we are better people cause of the spankings. None of us ever got in trouble with the law, we never did drugs and most important we respected our mother (who raised all 8 of us girls as a single parent).
  • I can't spank my kids. They respond much better to standing in the corner than spanking. I had to switch when my oldest started hitting and used the spanking as an excuse as to why him hitting was ok. So not cool. It's one of those do as I say not as I do. So I started doing the corner thing and we have progressed that when that doesn't work then we start taking things away. It's worked much better in teaching him to think of the consequences to his actions.
  • No, discipline does.
  • I do believe that appropriate spanking can help a child become a better adult.
  • I think clear expectations of a child's behavior and consistency make for a better child regardless of the method of discipline. I think the method of discipline depends on the individual child. What I mean by that is that if you say "X is the rule, and if you break the rule Y will happen." and you follow through every time, that will make for a better child. For some children Y may be time out, it may be being put on restriction, it may be a spanking. If however, you say "X is the rule, and if you break the rule Y will happen." but you don't enforce it, or you only enforce it sometimes, then I don't care what Y is, Y will not work, and will only lead to confused and unruly children who are constantly testing the limits, because they are unsure of what the limits are. Once someone becomes and adult though, it is up to them. There are too many intervening variables to state if doing something as a child will yield a particular sort of adult.
  • Depends on the child, depends on the parent. If the parent's a jerk & hitting the child because the parent is frustrated, drunk, miserable or anythind like that, that's what we call "abuse" in the north-of-the-border USA. Now if you're hitting your child because he/she is acting like a future Columbine-repeat little devil, then I'd say that's excusable.
  • like everything, there is no standard answer for everyone, we are all different, and our responses are different to different stimilus, some people are fine, some will harbour anxiety or anger about it. I was occasionally spanked as a child, it didnt do me any harm !!
  • Not necessarily just spanking...but punishment in tells them they cant always do whatever the want..and there needs to be a line drew somewhere
  • It tends to make them like spanking AS an adult, I can tell you that. They've done studies about that recently. Yep, so think about that when you spank! There's other ways to dicipline a child effectively! One good way to lean is to watch Supernanny!! She uses those thechniques!!
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction, I do believe “spoil the rod, spare the child” works when applied right. When I was about 8 and got into a fight at school. When the teacher tried to break it up I got mad at her because she was stopping me from hitting the other kid so I kicked her. My feet hardly touched the ground on the way to the principle's office. I got a swat there, and when I got home I got lit up by my mother. It drove home the seriousness “NEVER KICK A TEACHER”. I don't think I would have learned that lesson if all I got for kicking a teacher was 10 minutes sitting in a “naughty chair” thinking about why I was there and how to act better. Sometimes a kid does something so serious, harming animals, or playing with fire and flammables, that you need something drastic to drive the point home that what they were doing was no joke. Spanking should be used as a last resort. Don't pull the spanking trigger unless you are going to carry through with it. And don't spank when frustrated or angry. And tell the child why they got it.
  • No, but discipline does.
  • No there are much better ways
  • Spanking, I think, is a last resort for discipline. I've only spanked my 13 y/o son 3 times in his whole life and in those times I thought it was necessary. There are many, many other ways to discipline your child in which the result is more than satisfactory. My 13 y/o thinks that writing sentences is the worst punishment there is, and he'll sit there and whine and fidget instead of just get it over with. Spending 3 hours instead of 20 minutes. So that, to me, is more effective than whipping him. . On the flip side, my dad used to spank me anytime he could, for anything and everything. I didn't turn out half bad. =)

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