• Yes. I wouldn't want a woman who totally gives in to my ideas and doesn't have her own thoughts or opinions about things.
  • God yes! The thing I hate most about a woman is if she's needy, clingy, overly dependent on me. I want a women who is happy with herself, and can be happy by herself, without me or any guy. NOTHING is more sexy to me than that. It's all about having a relationship of equals. Screw the fact that being equals leads to a "happy and healthy relationship", even though it does. What's even more important to me is that this leads to an INTERESTING, challenging, fun relationship, which I guess are what makes it happy and healthy, but still. :-) Men who like weak women usually are insecure, or suffer from low self-esteem. Either that, or they have a "hero complex", and feel the need to be with damsels in distress. I used to be like that - I had a major "hero complex". I constantly dated women with all this never-ending drama and "problems". It drew me in, and looking back on it, being older, wiser, and most importantly, more self-aware, I had the sick idea I could "help them", pull them out of the holes they were in. But you can't; only they can. I'm not saying I'm not supportive or helpful or loving when a girl I'm with is in trouble, or hurt, or sick, or depressed, or going through a tough time. Because I am, and some would say I SHINE when these things happen (probably the remnants of my "hero complex", combined with my always being objective and keeping a clear head). But there's a difference between a strong, independent person that has the occasional bad day or rough time of it, and a constant victim. It's rewarding to help a strong person who's down on their luck. It sucks the life out of you, and ultimately accomplishes nothing, or less than nothing sometimes, to constantly hold the hand of a career victim through one drama after another.
  • Absolutely!
  • Oh yes there is nothing sexier than an unself concious, goal driven, intelligent, passionate woman! I have gone weak at the knees just thinking about it ;)
  • Personally, i think they turn more men off than on.
  • I can only say that those qualities are among the qualities I DO look for in a woman ... and I know a few men who are intimidated by those qualities in women ... as for the rest of the planet's men, I have no idea ...
  • I think that they are a turn on. In my opinion, men who are not attracted to strong and independent women are insecure, and so they feel threatened by them.
  • Yes. A woman who understands what it takes to survive is a wonderful asset.
  • I think at times strong women make men feel uneasy just because they are unsure what they are suppose to do or how to act around them.
  • What about a woman who is in between? Not really independent, but far from clingy?
  • depends on the woman obvi, but in general id say negative
  • I will give you an honest answer.Some men,depending on their social and financial status find strong women attractive.This could be attributed to the fact that they are not a threat to their male ego,and they are self confidence.Other men,that are not wealthy or prominent would be more likely shy away from strong independent women and be attracted to the old fashioned ideal of a woman being more dependent.They feel more comfortable and in control of the situation.Thirdly,it is dependent on how the strong,independent woman comes across to any man.Men are quick to notice if a woman is quietly confident or is trying to prove something to the male sex.I have experienced both types and all the variations in between.
  • Yes. It is that much more flattering too, that someone who knows what they want and how to get it, is interested.
  • There is nothing more unnattractive than a woman who overcompensates in an attempt to prove that they are strong and independent. These are the most insecure women of all. A strong woman should be able to share her feelings with confidence and cry just as easily as she can laugh. A truly independent woman can co-exist just as easily as she can exist alone. There are a lot more of the cold imposters out there than there are true "strong and independent" women and it's a HUGE TURNOFF!!!
  • Hell yes i love strong women but just as long as she isnt 100% independent that she never needs my help or never asks for my advice
  • I am yeah but they have to still be feminine at the same time. I like feisty girls ;)
  • MVL's answer (the first one) comes across as very judgmental. Women are still not equal in our society. And, most divorces occur for very serious reasons with lots and lots of fall out and trauma that is not resolved overnight. Be careful how you judge someone's "drama" because you have it too. I have heard men deny and deny that they have issues but within 3 months of dating them a woman discovers what they are, and they are often a huge mountain for her to get over just as hers are for him. Anyone who is divorced has trauma, baggage, issues, and probably needs a lot of handholding to get the pieces picked up and move forward - especially together. I am a strong woman and I face daily challenges for which I wish I had a partner to help. To then ask for that help in a relationship and be condescended to in a way such as the above comment, judged, and kept at arm's length would be very hurtful and compound the sense of loneliness and disconnection most people feel in today's society. Feminism can be too extreme. Humanism accepts the complexity of the human condition and maintains its' elements of compassion. If I were dating MVL, I would back up. Too cold, too judgmental, unbending. Sounds like he wants to hold back now going to the other extreme.
  • In my experience they are. But I have actually had a few guys break up with me because I was too independent.
  • If they act like they don't need a man, then I would say no. My wife is very strong and very independent, but she never, ever makes me feel as if she could do it all without me. (She probably could, however. I, on the other hand, would be up a creek without a paddle if I didn't have her).
  • It's such a turn on but not the best for long term relationships. I hate nagging, yelling, disrespectful, bossy, condescending, flirtatious, cold women in a relationship Other than that, they get me pretty horny
  • Nope! I want a totally obedient slave with no limits and no safeword.
  • As long as she's beautiful and doesn't try to behave like a bloke, then yes.
  • I love strong, independent, and tough women. I'm a male feminist and I would not be happy with a woman who thinks that her existence must be validated by me. I want a woman who can stand on her own two feet as my equal, not a weak and cowering form below me.
  • Well 'Neyo' is - and as a girl who thinks Neyo is hot then (actually i have nothing to say that bears any real relevance to your question - it's just that when I read your question, I instantly starting singing 'Miss Independent by Neyo' and that's as far as my intellect goes (not far as you can see) so sorry for this pointless answer :-)
  • Some men are, I'm sure. But 'independant'... when I hear that word, I get ideas about her being unable to form a deep, permanent bond with someone. Like she's so busy trying to be her own person that she'll never be part of a tight-knit duo. Many guys, like myself, want a deep connection with our partner.

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