• Temporary employees first, then part-timers, then full-timers.
  • Temporary employees
  • It depends on your business, how much each is paid, how their performance is and if you are paying them benefits. I would cut hours based on seniority and performance. An employee who really gives 100% is a better use of your payroll than an employee who slacks off; regardless of their normal "part-time" or "full-time" designation. If you MUST decide strictly between part-time and full-time, I would cut part-time first. It is easier to replace them and it is easier for them to find other jobs to replace you.
  • The least productive employees.
  • Casuals, then temporary employee's, then part-time, then full-time.
  • if your not in a union and don't have a contract (an at will state) anyone can go first, maybe you shouldn't have pass all or your work on the temps, when you think were not watching you, we are

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