• I don't think anyone can know for sure about anything to do with life after death, until, after death
  • I think this would make sense considering most people see ghosts or apparations which seem to "float" above our ground level. If her belief is that the other side is above our level, than it would make sense that these people are walking on their ground but when shown to us seem to be floating above it.
  • There's plenty of good evidence to show that Sylvia Browne is nothing but a fake. She's been caught in multiple lies and has no credibility to anyone with a modicum of skeptical thinking. Her beliefs hold no merit. My belief is that I don't think heaven or an afterlife exists at all.
  • anybody interested in sylvia browne ought to look into her background. what few people realize is that she has an extensive history of fraud, mainly to do with real estate. she at one or more points faced prison time but has somehow managed to avoid punitive sentences like that. she is a con artist. on top of that she is the author of maybe 30 books who is interested in nothing more than money.

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