• I CAN'T HELP BUT FEEL AS THOUGH YOU ARE SHOUTING AT ME! Trump debated HRC, and before that, all of the GOP hopefuls. So, I'm not sure what you mean by "a real politician." I'd say Biden's shot is no better than HRC's was in 2016, so, likewise, I expect Biden to carry the popular vote and Trump to win the electoral vote. Even if Biden wins Florida by one hundred votes, the electoral votes in a close election always go republican, as evidenced by 2000 and 2016, so the Trump train is inevitable. Now that there is public evidence of Trump's tax fraud, his support base will be even more galvanized into defending him, because silly Biden is not smart enough to commit federal crimes like that and not care. With the current state of affairs with Trump's secret police arresting people without warrants under the outdated Alien and Sedition Act, and his total disregard for law and order whilst utilizing "Law and Order" as a slogan, you'll be lucky if you even get a chance to vote in November, since you could end up in the gulag for sedition if you disagree with fearless leader too loudly in public.
  • I'm pretty that he's been in a few debates. You might want to do some research, buddy.
  • That's wait TIL you see -- not wait to you see

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