• Fava beans... and a nice chianti! Hahaha!
    • bostjan64
      Beat me to it!
    • Roaring
      by his request last month did pick up a box of wine for him. I'll look up that bean. Not sure I've ever came across one.
    • Jarvan32
      Growing greens in your backyard.
    • Linda Joy
      Well, as with most beans you don't usually come across just one. I saw some in the Mediterranean Food Market, but I've never eaten them. I like big butter beans! And pintos. Always with cornbread! Its a southern thing. You can probably find them online. Just watch out for shipping charges.
    • Linda Joy
      Have you considered maybe the wine is the reason he's not lucid? Does he have the assistance he needs? DHR/DHS should have some program(s) to help him. Its awesome you're reaching out to help, though!

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