• I'm not gonna trust someone who is on the tail end of an 8 hour shift, making minimum wage, to pick out my vegetables, meat and dairy.
    • Linda Joy
      You select which hour block you will be coming to pick it up, so you could make sure its a fresh shift. I'm just providing info here, I have no delusions I'll persuade you. I think its also great that those who want to shop in store also have that option.
    • Archie Bunker
      Ok, so you get an employee who just started their shift. Are they gonna get you the milk that expires in 2 days or the one that expires at the end of next week? The green salad or the one with the brown edges that's in the front? Just sayin'
  • The sale flyer doesn't list everything, so you miss out on that opportunity without browsing the shelves. Plus, the service might make unwanted substitutes.
    • Linda Joy
      Its not a sale flyer. You shop online. But you are right that some things you have go inside to buy. Still this is another option to the items they also won't ship. The one I used had a box by each item so you could indicate which items they may substitute. I off clicked them all, but three items were out of stock, so I didn't l get them and they adjusted the bill. I think it would be a great advantage to people who manage children that shop. You don't have to take them in!!

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