• We have great health care, you just have to pay for it. How much one works is a choice. But if you don't have much education, or a partner to help with the bills you may not have much choice either. I have worked and not worked at different times in my life. At one point I worked two jobs back to back while trying to raise my son by myself. My body wore out and now I can't work. I live off social security disability now. So I'm back to not working. And here we have a minimum wage law, but no law about mandatory vacation days unless you work for the government. This is something that is negotiated between employee and employer before hiring takes place. From what I understand at this time people in the US work about an hour a day more than in Europe. But apparently they still have time for other things:
  • I came to America from Florence, Italy when I was 10 years old. It was a dream come true to come to the New World. I lived with my uncle in Bronx, New York during my teenage years, as my parents had to return to Europe from their temporary visa. I got educated in America, I settled down, I found a great job, I made a family, we bought a nice house in the West Coast and etc. Most of what you say is correct. Living in the US is a fast lane depending on how ambitious you are. I like the finer things in life, and I will go the extra mile to get what I want, even if it takes building some stress from my busy lifestyle, including working on the holidays to top it off. I do have the weekends off were I can relax to start fresh on Monday's. That's the whole idea of living the American Dream. Many people will argue and say the American Dream has turned into the American Nightmare. In their sense, the harder you work, the more you go backwards. This is based on how flooded people are in debt. In my perspective: "moderation is the key to life." It is necessary that you save your pennies meaning, (spend wisely) if you want to prosper. By being wise, you will be able to afford great healthcare, just as there are challenges in making it affordable. There are many opportunities to reduce costs without compromising care. Other than that, you are at your own risk with the decisions you make in America.
  • Everyone here has the opportunity. The results you get depend on you. 'Murica!

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