• Yes, but I wish it would happen on my phone. I hate spam phone calls at my home and on my cell phone
  • How can email intrude? You have to open it. It doesn't just ring.
  • I get at least 10 calls a day on my cell and they're from local numbers. Pisses me off.
    • mushroom
      They're not actually all local numbers. Most are fake caller-id originating from offshore and what's worse, some seem to find local names to go with their fake local numbers. With all the advances in technology, phone providers are only now testing an authentication system but as usual, this will rely on third-parties to do the verification, meaning added costs. Thanks, FCC, for protecting the consumer...
    • Archie Bunker
      Third parties....which means they'll sell the numbers to telemarketers. That's what happens, hommie. When I added my cell to the Do Not Call list, I actually received about 5x more calls than before I was on the list.

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