• They tried this (link below). Didn't work. Personally, I'm not a big fan of okra, cauliflower and cooked carrots, but just about anything else (normally available in the US) goes.
    • Linda Joy
      I like all those!! I don't like brussels sprouts, asparagus, greens (spinach is good but not turnip mustard or collard greens!) or green bell pepper.
  • They go bad too fast outside the fridge! And bugs get in the taters if I don't eat them fast enough! And my refrigerator is freezing everything and my nice fresh crisp red bell pepper got frozen! I might have actually wept, because they aren't cheap here!! But then I decided to look on the bright side and figured at least frozen it would last longer! But now I think its destined for fajitas! What meat substitute do you put in your fajitas? Beans? I like vegetables, but I can only go to the grocery about once or twice a month and fresh don't last long. Fresh often comes in quantities too large for one person. Canned usually has too much sodium, though no salt added varieties are usually available. Gardens are nice, but usually require land, which I sacrificed when I moved into an apartment. But I usually have a bag of tortilla chips in the pantry! That's corn, right? hahaha! No seriously I like salads with baby spinach leaves instead of iceberg lettuce, and sometimes a sprinkle of strawberries or mandarin oranges in it and I like it to crunch so I like my raw carrots in chunks not shredded. And no cheese in my salad. And I like celery in chunks, too. And I like either peanuts or sunflower seeds and sometimes chia seeds or ground flax seeds. But if I don't have fresh fruit maybe a few raisins. But then after I add all that my salad is too big and I have to make it into several meals or share it with neighbors, so I usually just grab an apple. Its so much easier! Of course you can do the same with a carrot or celery. I like a nice veggie tray too, but for one its overkill.

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