• About 80% of the new serious viral diseases in the world are coming from Mainland China. H1N1-2009, SARS, HKUI (named as such because people initially thought it came from Hong Kong, but it, in fact, originated from Shenzhen), "Wuhan Coronavirus," H7N9, H5N6, Yellow Fever 2016, Polio 2011, etc. etc. etc. Stay away from there and your odds of staying healthy will be much higher. If a virus ever makes it to mainland China, it seems like it mutates for whatever reason. Even viral strains like NL63 and MERS/EMC have strong evidence linking them to animal virii that originated from China (usually bats or ducks) and spread to other animals before jumping species to humans. As an inhabitant of an island, you are less likely to be exposed than someone in a mainland Asian nation bordering China.
    • Myang
      i cant get out of here yet
  • A vibrant and hearty immune system
    • bostjan64
      Many of the Covoid-19 casualties have been young adults with healthy immune systems, though.
  • Pray. Other than that, be willing to accept death, because you will never get them to stop trying to weaponize viruses.
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      ow im an open minded bout that though
  • Protection ? 😈 .... Durex - lubricated. Here's why .....
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      ?? is this really the ice man ?
    • Ice man
      You bet it is !! Nice to see you Kiddo. How you been ? I haven't been around here for over a year .. it might be closer to 2 years.

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