• Does it matter or are you just curious?
    • Linda Joy
      neither. Just a pissing contest.
    • Bootsiebaby
      You have urinating contests in the toilet? And you ask questions like this while you're doing it? Have you nothing better to do?
    • Linda Joy
      No, I have them in your bed. And since I don't have to go for chemo every week anymore I have a little more time on my hands. You may get a reprieve from me next month after my surgery, I probably won't feel like reaching for my keyboard. But I'll be back. A little cancer can't stop me And you certainly won't!!
    • Josepsh
      I will soon be in there ?. .
    • Archie Bunker
  • Yes, I did. How do you know about that?
    • Linda Joy
      Your posse. And you've got the nerve to call me out about being 'groomed for prison'?!! You're very hypocritical! Not just about this but also saying I was the one causing drama when it was you and Crazy Chick backstabbing Beaker and accusing him of stuff that never happened that started all this!! You two just fail to see it for what it is, one friend having the back of another in their absence!!
    • Linda Joy
      But I commend you on your honesty in this particular situation! Thank you!
  • I had no idea Bootsiebaby was behind bars. I'm sure you would like to ruin whatever reputation she has on Answerbag. Knowing you are a Bible-believing person, you should keep in mind that she once was lost, and now she is trying to improve herself by staying out of jail or prison.

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