• Mine, I use only the best Mayonnaise and other ingredients.
    • Linda Joy
      And what do you consider the best Mayonnaise?
    • Linda Joy
      I don't usually eat chicken sandwiches. Last time I had one it was probably a cheap dollar one of the spicy variety. Or homemade white meat chicken salad.
  • Grilled
    • Linda Joy
      Do you have a favorite brand or seasoning? Do you cook it yourself or restaurant made? Do you use bread? Any favorite bread?
  • I like Chick-fi-a's with lettuce and tomatoes. Still need to try Popeye's
  • I'd go with the Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. It's done just right. Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich is juicer and a bit tastier if you eat it right away. If not, the bun will get soggy in the bag and will disintegrate in your hands when you grip the sandwich.

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