• Of course, seasonal snow is an important part of the Earth's climate system. Besides, since I like to spend a lot of time out in the country, winter brings the nicest scenes. I can understand how you're falling and you can't get up when you walk to your car. The solution is to buy Icebug shoes or boots. They have good traction on ice.
  • I like the relief from the oppressive heat. Living in the south its not that prevalent here. I'd suggest you salt the path, or throw down some kitty litter for traction. I like snow a week before Christmas through New Years then I want it gone. I did get a pair of gloves for the winter since I'm going to be going for chemo every week and sometimes I have to wait for a ride for a short time in the cold, but I wouldn't buy a winter coat. Its only cold here for a few months. Sometimes I don't even get out my sweaters and long sleeved shirts. But I don't usually go out a lot in the cold and stay out there like when I had to work in it up in Maine and we were provided parkas and foul weather boots. Snow up to my waist! Haha it was rediculous! Fun for short term, but I wouldn't want to live there again! I know! You can move to Hawaii!
  • I enjoy it in moderation...excess snowfall that occurs that confines you to home for days I cannot stand

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