• Even if it's not, it tastes better than that stuff in the bottle.
    • Boola Boo
      Wise words!
  • It sure can help in many instances.
  • Yes. But there is a saying that, when you laugh too much, you cry later?
    • Linda Joy
      Crying can be cathartic as well, if needed.
    • Zara Zoey
      Yeah, I believe, only if your heart does not hurt.
  • No, penicillin usually works better. Laughing about your infection doesn't make it go away.
    • Linda Joy
      Not if its a viral infection or a broken bone. I don't think laughing about cancer will cure it, either. But it might reduce your stress, improving your chance of recovery.
    • Archie Bunker
      Reducing stress don't heal broken bones either. Laughter is always good, but it doesn't really help for many things.
  • Only if it's done heartily and not hypocritically.

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