• Well, I am conservative, but, he probably won't be -alive- by 2100. Due to the fact our first African American president was born on August 4th, 1961, even if he lived to 100, the mighty triple-digits, that would only be 2061, hon. I'm guessing some of the island would remain totally dry since their "projected limit" is literally 80 years away! (post. 2019) He clearly has a good 30 years with it, but statistically it is unlikely for anybody to live past even 90, optimistically. Also, just because he agrees on global warming, does not mean he agrees with that specific projection.
    • Linda Joy
      Why do they need that much money anyway if its only to satisfy them in their lives and not to be passed on to their children?
  • The same reason the Trump plays more golf now, than Obama did all his term. But screams like a toddler when anyone calls him incompetent and out of his depth. What men with wealth can do with their money and time is not subject to public approval.
    • Linda Joy
      Trump is not incompetent. His life accomplishments testify to this. But the Obamas prove with their actions that they don't believe that crap.
  • They don't. They only did when he was in office and wanted something.
    • Linda Joy
      votes from dummies.

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