• I’m the famous unknown.😕😖😗
    • Cry me a River
      Famous people listen to me...
  • Hmm. Not sure where this is going, but I'd say that I am not even a footnote in anyone's book. I've written a few published scientific papers, I've been in a modestly successful metal band (as far as metal bands go, but it was short-lived, as most bands are), I wrote a book no one read, I've done music for a few soundtracks of films and games that were widely panned by critics, I've released my own solo albums that were widely panned by critics, I've taught college mathematics and science classes, I've taught middle school music, I've done tons of private tutoring, I've done skills clinics, I've done dozens of other odd-jobs, and my cousin, who is a fairly well-known actor was engaged once to a very well-known actor - making me a nobody, mostly.
  • To my friends and family I am known for being able to remember a significant amount of information that can be anything from what I've read about in history, to anatomy and physiology, and something more random like window installation, (since I will often study a subject in order to know that a job is carried out correctly). I also like to tell funny stories about my mistakes and clumsiness, as it generates a good laugh.. To everyone else I'm a nobody, and I'm perfectly happy with that as I value my anonymity and privacy.
  • A "punny" guy with a kind heart.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree!

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