• I hope you did a backup first! Mine came with it. But it is a common problem. Here's a site that claims to fix it. I didn't check it out, but you might want to.
  • Which version/release did you have before the update (i.e. 1803, 1903)? Next step is to try to get into the recovery function by rebooting multiple times - and interrupt it as soon as you see the spinning blue circle on a black background.
    • Linda Joy
      You may want to explain how to interrupt it.
    • mushroom
      You can interrupt the boot by pressing the reset button (if you have one) or by the crude method of pulling out the power plug. Thank Microsoft for not providing a better way to get into recovery.
  • No, but that's an easy fix. Go to Start button at the bottom left, then type 'Windows Update' into the Start menu Search bar. If an update is available, you will have to download and install it to prevent Windows 10 from crashing.
  • Windows updates have caused me serious problems in the past. I believe they were known for it. Nothing recently though (not for at least a year, that is). Microsoft always seemed pretty blasé about it, as though it wasn't their problem.
  • I'm sticking with 7. Really dislike 10 and its bugs

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