• Only boring people get bored. There are always books to read, videos to watch, games to play, things to clean and projects to work on... the list goes on.
    • Linda Joy
      I already do all that, and it doesn't sound very exciting at all!
  • i like to go on answersites like yahoo answers
  • I stop by to see what sort of bullsnot I might find. My name turned up on the leaderboard one day when I had not posted for about six weeks.
    • Linda Joy
      I thought you were gone! Good to see you still check back now and then! I've seen people post three questions and end up on the board. That's why I don't get it when I'm accused of hogging the board. Anyone who wants to could be on it. Especially now! Good to hear from you again!
  • Use the left hand instead of the right.
  • Just listen to music or watch t.v. I guess that I'm pretty boring myself.😇

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