• Do you mean answers to the question? Or replies to an answer? The number of answers to a question is located at the top of the answers below the question and the number of comments to your answer is noted in the notification. There is also a check mark to denote the ones you have already looked at. What they don't tell you is that if there are more than 100 answers yours will not be visible in the answer list, and will not be counted. But you can re-ask the question so others can answer it again. And most likely its a question from the old AB. Most of the people on the old AB (questions with numbers below 3000000) are no longer here and won't answer you, but you can start new conversations from old questions. Answerbag staff doesn't usually answer either, but they do occasionally fix an issue, so I know at least one person still works here. Its highly unlikely you'll get them to make any improvements.
    • Stpauligerle
      I mean replies because if there's a lot I won't bother opening the question

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