• So, for example, if the woman's life is in danger from the pregnancy, should she and the baby both die for your satisfaction?
      No, they should both live.
  • Even before the indiscriminate slaughter of children for no reason was legal there were certain conditions under which it was allowed. You are obviously very young and may need these situations identified for you. Like mushroom said, a women whose life is in danger if she continues the pregnancy, in cases of rape and incest or if the child is already dead it will become toxic to the mother to continue carrying it. I would not choose to abort in any of these situations unless the child is already dead, but I think those who do should have that choice under these circumstances. However, slaughtering children because you CHOSE to have unprotected sex is murder, and its wrong even if it is legal!
  • Trump's working on it, be patient.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't be ridiculous! That'll never happen! They said the entire universe! How would this law be imposed on animals and microscopic or alien beings? Its a childish wish that comes from a place of not thinking things through. Like the kid that wants a pony, they didn't think about where they're going to keep it, how they're going to feed it or if their neighbors in the condo next door want to tolerate the smell of horse shit, they just want a pony!!! NOW! And I can guarantee you, Trump will NEVER change this law!!
    • Wakko
      Ok, it will be SCOTUS then. Trump will STILL take credit. :P
    • Linda Joy
      lol Agreed, even if its from the grave, 200 years from now!
  • i wish they would

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