• Brains, for myself and my partner if I choose to have one. Also I prefer my friends and people I talk to to have brains. Not that I have anything against good looks, its just that they usually come with huge egos, narcissistic attitudes and possibly unrealistic expectations of maintenance routines that leave little time for actual interaction and time spent with you. Not to mention the waste of money involved in upkeep and putting up appearances.
    • jadedsoul
      im still debating which is better imo lol
  • God makes nobody ugly. Everybody has flaws and everybody is beautiful. I know someone personally who is bent over now and she is still beautiful even with the scars from lupus. On the top of MS.
  • Looks. The she wouldn't have the brains to cheat. I'd catch her!
    • Jenny Rizzo
      It doesn't take brains to cheat on a person. It takes a mistake to make the wrong decisions.
  • Why can't I have both?! If I keep my brains in clear glass jars, I can look at them whenever I want!
  • looks.I won't want one too smart.
  • The one I mentioned who had MS and Lupus passed away early Monday morning at 64. Her name was Carolyn her heart gave out. I am very sad about her passing.
    • Linda Joy
      Two answers and you still didn't answer the question. Sorry to hear about your friend, though.
    • Rick Myres
      I did answer the question my way when I said God makes nobody ugly and that is the only answer I'll give on it. And thanks for your condolences. :)
  • If I only had one choice, I would say brains. The most important part in our lives is "learning." At its very core, experience shapes your future behavior.
  • Brains. I let go of a relationship one time because there wasn't hearty discussions about various topics. She was quite beautiful. (sometimes regret it)
  • brains

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