• Well maybe I have a a white Persian or two.
  • Spread your legs and I'll let you know ;)
  • Aha, we gonna have heap big fun now, uh huh.
    • Queen Chelsea
      Hey remember me?
    • Wakko
      Remember you? :P Hell, I got accused of being you. xD
    • Linda Joy
      There's a lot of that going on around here.
    • Wakko
      No, this was years ago when I first started AB. There was a guy called Cotton on here and he thought I was her for some reason so he gave this long, butthurt rant and left permanently.
    • Queen Chelsea
      OMG I remember Cotton, they were fun times on AB, I enjoyed my 7 years on AB I think it was 7 can't remember now but such fun times even if I spent most of that time in the penalty box lol
    • Wakko
      It's too bad we jailbirds couldn't PM each other.
  • That is one cute kitty in the photo! Is it yours?
    • Wakko
      It appears to be severely cross-eyed.

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