• 1. Facebook 2. Pinterest 3. Google+ 4. LinkedIn 5. Hootsuite 6. Canva ... etc
  • Hi JasDon! There are different social media platforms that you can use for your business. You can opt to manage one; however, if you want to reach all of your core audience then its better to focus on building your brand through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as they are the widely used platforms where you could get leads that you can convert into sales. And if you need help in managing those platforms, then I can definitely help you out. Just let me know. My Facebook is Merlene NMS, @NewMediaServicesPtyLtd while my Skype is @mleano. Best of luck!
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  • First of all, businesses, whether big or small, should have their website set up to establish a valid location for their business. A company that has a social media presence should treat its social media accounts as a tool and not as their formal address for people to get detailed information. I’ll admit that social media is the most cost-effective way for marketing campaigns, and with their extensive market, investing in social media sites is suitable for your business. In my opinion, to answer the question, the best social media apps for business are Facebook and Facebook Messenger, and Youtube. Facebook and Facebook Messenger are like a one-two punch in reaching out to your market. Facebook has such a significant subscriber base that it’s a no-brainer for it to be on this list. A business can make a specific post to the different demographics that you want to influence. And with Facebook Messenger, you can send a simple direct personal message that would give a personal touch to your marketing campaign. Youtube, for me, is also one of the best social medial apps for your business. It is because Youtube is being used and consumed by all, no matter what age or status in life. The younger generation uses Twitter and Instagram, while the older generation uses Facebook. The ability of Youtube to bridge the gap between different types of consumers gives it an edge over other apps. Source: Source:

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