• save your money since it'll probably be expensive to get there
    • Aleena Khan
      Hi Pearllederman, i don't think this place is expensive because last time i visited Islamabad it is so beautiful and in my budget. Because i am going through travel agency and i get ideas from Whenever i stuck regarding my traveling and i didn't choose any place then i am going to blog.bridals,pk and get so many ideas to visit those places.
  • Karachi, Pakistan: Once known as the city of lights, Karachi is the liveliest city of Pakistan. The hustle bustle will never bother you, and the locals here are the warmest and most welcoming people. Do your homework about the city: It is advised to have at least some knowhow of the city
  • yes sure you can visit . its not much expensive . very reasonable and very beautiful capital city. It contains the margalla hills , Monal , faisal mosque , shakr parian and many other places to visit . You will definetly enjoy the trip.

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