• I don't "click" on ads too easy to get a virus on phone or computer. Not all are dangerous that way but still.
  • no cause i have adblock plus on
  • I don't see ads here because I use Opera browser with ad block.
    • Linda Joy
      I downloaded Opera once a long time ago probably 10 years ago because a friend recommended it but I don't think I ever used it pretty much just used Google Chrome
    • Rick Myres
      Opera is my default browser now it is faster than Firefox or IE. I had it years ago on my Widows XP when it had an email application much like Outlook Express. But that is all changed. It is a browser only.
    • Rick Myres
      I stopped using Internet Explorer and got Chrome browser last week. It is a very big difference and now on the computer Chrome is no longer as ugly as home made soap. Lol every time I uninstalled it (after I forgot to unclick the "install Chrome" a few times) they asked why and I told them why.
  • No, I do not notice the ads, so I have never clicked on any of them.

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