• Diet Big Macs and sugarless milkshakes.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol, Nope, guess again!
  • Viagra !
    • Linda Joy
      Nope, guess again!
    • Linda Joy
      Do you eat crumpets? Do you eat viagra and exercise? Lol
    • Ice man
      I haven't had crumpets in a while but yes, they're great smothered in maple syrup. I understand that Viagra and "sexercise" work well together.
    • Linda Joy
      You didn't answer the question. LOL
  • Ice Man's "How to Lose Weight on Beer and Crumpets" DVD.
    • Linda Joy
      Let me guess the beer part represents Iceman and the crumpets part would be you right? I've never once heard ice man say he eats crumpets.
    • we are dough 68
      He is too ashamed to admit it.
  • a treadmill
    • Linda Joy
      Good guess, but no.

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