• Practice with real people. This isnt talking. Every day get out of your comfort zone and talk to two new people.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      I don't know anyone. We live in a high crime area. I wouldn't try with a stranger in person. Thanks anyway.
    • Mircat
      That's an excuse. Go buy a cannister of pepper spray and go out in the real world. Every where you go there are sales staff and clerks who are not gunning for you Talk to them!
  • Yes,I do and I try walking everyday to dream up stuff.
  • I do! I made myself a pet worm out of only a little piece of yarn! I think I'll name him "fuzz" no capital letter, because he's just a worm, after all! But if I want to talk to someone I just do it. And my mind usually thinks in facts and feelings rather than fiction. I wouldn't call myself a dreamer at all. And I think I use supposition and intuition a lot more than imagination. Except when it comes to dreaming of a better world and helping those whom are less fortunate. Especially those whom have thinking problems.
  • So you'll think this is queer, do you imagine? Is it like, pretending? Like pretending everyone is a dinosaur and rexing it down the hall?

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