• It can't hurt. So far nobody else had done a damn thing that has saved lives. There is lots of B.S. talk in all media and then it all stops until the next kids are slaughtered.
  • No I do not. Most of them have no idea what the hell they're talking about or about other issues involved. Everybody says that they want "sensible gun laws." What exactly are you looking for? The current focus is on the Florida shooter and the fact that he had "mental issues." What issues? Was there a doctor that said he had mental issues? No? Then he's allowed to buy a gun. Were the police at his house a bunch of times? Yes, but so what? If the police are at your house it does not mean you lose your Constitutional rights. As a matter of fact, the Fourth Amendment guarantees EVERYONE due process before you lose them. Was he supposed to be involuntarily committed for evaluation? Yes, so the system broke down, but a new gun law isn't going to stop that. And you have to be careful about that part because you can't violate ADA laws when it comes to doctors reporting mental issues to the government. So say he was seen by a shrink. How do you determine what someone is going to do in the future (unless they come right out and tell you)? If you go see a shrink for depression, do you lose your 2nd Amendment right? Just the 2nd Amendment right or all of them? It's not as easy as "sensible gun law" changes.
    • Roaring
      You make some good points here. There are no easy answers. Something does needs to be done and can be done to prevent such a massacre. Any screening can be misused, An automatic weapon is a mass killing machine. One thing is clear for me is there is no justification to use the 2nd amendment to include automatic and semi-automatic weapons to the general pubic. If there is a justification for this type of rapid fire high powered gun. At least the bar must be higher to own one. My father had guns for hunting and for protecting his business, none of which are the killing machines in question.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Roaring, automatic weapons are already, generally, prohibited. And ALL firearms are semi-automatic. A .22 rifle is semi-automatic. All that means is that one trigger pull equals one round downrange. As far as the 2nd Amendment, it is a limit on the government, not the people. And it is there to protect all the other rights. The Founder Fathers knew, from experience, that a government the gets out of control can eventually be stopped by the people who care to resist such tyranny (as we've had to do before). "The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them." - Joseph Story, 1833
    • Hardcore Conservative
      And who are you to determine what I need to defend my property? Am I only allowed to have a .22? How about a .45? The bullet in a .223 is a lot smaller than a .45, and the .45 is a handgun, while the .223 is not. Do I have to check and see what the offender has first so I can only meet his caliber with one of equal size? And where are the marches against handguns, seeing as how MANY more people are killed with handguns than rifles? LOTS more are killed by handguns. More people are stabbed or beaten to death than are killed (actual homicide) by rifles. Why no uproar over that?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      And to throw another monkey in the wrench, no one has yet to explain how not allowed one person to have something that is used legally, will stop someone who intends on using it illegally. Stopping me from buying an AR-15 (for whatever legal purpose I choose) is not going to stop someone from killing people. I mean there are already pretty significant penalties for killing people, but that doesn't seem to be stopping anyone, does it?
    • Roaring
      The root of the problem is not the gun but the culture that is sick and divided that feeds or enables a sick and divided act of violence. It is understandable that these students who have seen and felt the horror of death in a place of higher learning to ask some hard questions and attempt to influence a system that has become so out of touch with what's really important: Life itself and how we impact each other, our communities and the world at large. While I disagree with most all of what Trump expounds, when he was asked by an interviewer why he would consider Putin a friend since he is a killer, Trump said something truthful that left the interviewer speechless for a moment, "the US government kills people too.We're no different." So what/who have we to look up to? When do we stop blaming the other and look within? This I ask of all of us.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      You're right, Roaring. It is the change in culture, not the tool that's used. Are we blaming the bombs for the Austin bomber or the kid himself? How about the 2014 school stabbings in Pennsylvania? Did we blame the knife he used or the kid himself? Looking at all of these tragedies, we basically see the same thing. The folks have a disconnect somewhere. Society has separated itself. I personally blame a lot of that on technology, as we can now have hours of conversation without actually having to see or verbally talk to anyone. You loose the emotion and inflection and psychological connection that way. It keeps you in a bubble and disconnects people. Sad really.
  • No, most certainly not. Na
    • ReiSan
      Naive and hysterical children who have been brainwashed by liberals must not dictate national policy. There are enough gun laws already. Liberals mindlessly chant, "More gun contrl", and Christians mindlessly chant, Bring God back", and both are shamelessly exploiting shootings to promote their own selfish agendas. Neither has a real solution. The problem is more complex than their minds can comprehend.
  • No, I don't support some dumb kids who don't have a clue what they're talking about. "Sensible gun law reform" isn't making more strict laws that penalize law-abiding gun owners. Such kids aren't sensible at all. No adults should heed naive kids.
  • not sure what its about
  • yes cause i hate guns
    • Venus1485
      They're our best self-defense.

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