• I always keep fresh fruit around and go for that first. A baked sweet potato already cooked and sliced right out of the fridge. Dipping celery into a penut butter jar to name a few..........
    • Linda Joy
      have you ever tried ants on a log?
    • Roaring
      What is that actually?
    • Linda Joy I didn't know it was also done with cream cheese, but I have had pineapple cream cheese filled celery. I prefer the peanut butter and raisins.
    • Roaring
      Wow that sounds good!
    • Linda Joy
      my son told me once he really liked it but didn't like the little strings in the celery so I started cutting them in bite-size pieces for him I know I pampered him too much sometimes
  • something low fat
  • Pumpkin salsa pita is the best healthy snacks.
  • Nuts, almost any kind of nuts. No or low salt is better but whatever you like.
    • Linda Joy
      very good for you but easy to overeat I heard a serving of nuts is about the size of your thumb
  • anything without sugar

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