• sometimes
  • Kidding? I'm a spoiler
    • Linda Joy
      do you eat dessert first?
  • Yes, I do.
  • Yes, but what is better than a bad banana? Apple juice, if I had some..
    • Linda Joy
      What makes a banana 'bad'? I can see it now! A banana doing the 'bad dance' singing I'm bad! lol chum on! you know it! A bad banana makes a good banana bread or smoothie!
    • A good apple
    • Gordan
      Banana with brownish spots actually are the most tasty and rich in vitamins.
    • Linda Joy
      The peel has almost as many nutrients as the banana. I like the freckled bananas. The green ones will constipate you.
  • Nope. As it will usually go off by then.
  • If it is Ice Cream I might eat it first and then have more after dinner. lol What can I say, I like Ice Cream. I've even had Ice Cream for breakfast.....just because I could.
    • Linda Joy
      Its legal if you top it with granola. haha! Its also good with raspberries or banana! I love ice cream!
  • It depends. When I'm eating, I'll definitely leave the best tasting for last.

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